Presentation of IGP Côtes de Thongue wine from Domaine Deshenry's owned by the Bouchard vineyards.

Domaine Deshenry's IGP Côtes de Thongue wine
Domaine Deshenry's
Abbaye Sylva Plana

Our wines

The 55-hectare DESHENRY'S estate has been managed by Nicolas Bouchard, 5th generation of winemakers, since 1998.
He marries the Villafranche 'terroir' with white and red grape varieties which are blended to create highly-original, aromatic wines. Charline, his wife, joined him in 2002 and has since been in charge of commercializing the wines.

The range comprises a 3-wine traditional range:

- The white, a blend of Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Vermentino.
- The rosé, a blend of Grenache, Sangiovese.
- The red, a blend of Syrah, Merlot, Marselan.

In 2015, the duo created a bag-in-box idea, based on a concept focusing on a Rubik's cube idea, with bright colours, in white, red and rosé.

Since January 2017, Charline and Nicolas have extended their range, creating 4 varietal wines based on a contemporary, understated, elegant packaging concept.

These are 4 new varietal wines in the SOLO range: Vermentino, Chardonnay, Marselan, Pinot.
As well as a bi-varietal the "Elle & Lui", subtle blend of Syrah (Elle) and Carignan (Lui) worked in carbonic maceration.

Where to find our wines ?
We sell 80% of our wines in France through the wine merchant network, bars and restaurants; we sell the rest abroad mainly in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Denmark, Switzerland and America.